Why The 3000-Mile Oil Change Rule Is Not Relevant Today

Does it make sense to follow a guideline on how to do something if that guideline is 30 years old and there's a better way to do it? Not at all, yet it's still happening with car oil change habits. Most people change their oil every 3,000 miles even though they really don't need to and shouldn't.

A big reason why most people don't know any better is that mechanics are not giving them the correct information. They still use those 3,000 miles stickers and tell them to come back by then, but not because it's the right time for an oil change. Instead, it's because they want to make more money. Unfortunately, people who follow this rule not only waste money, they also hurt the environment.

At DCH Subaru of Riverside, we strive to help our environment by not having too many oil changes, and we make sure you get the best oil for smooth performance. If you have any questions about when to change the oil or what our service is like, just give our office in Riverside, CA a call today!

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