A Few Important Tips for a Roadside Emergency

Being proactive in an emergency situation starts with taking care of a few things today while you're safe at home.

  • Pack an empty gas can in the trunk so you can get fuel quickly in case you run out.
  • Keep plenty of flashlights and batteries in the car in case you have to do any type of repairs during the night. These lights can also be used to flag down help.
  • Pack some cans of tire fix-a-flat in the car. Be sure you inspect the tire jack and it is in working order too.
  • Pack a toolbox with plenty of tools from a hammer to wrenches. A roll of duct tape can be extremely helpful at patching a hole in a radiator hose or fixing a broken windshield wiper.

These roadside emergency tips are provided by DCH Subaru of Riverside in the hopes we can get the entire community to be safer when traveling.

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