What Danger Does a Stuck Thermostat Pose?

As you operate your vehicle on a daily basis, you motor produces prodigious amounts of heat. This heat must be processed and expelled in some way in order to keep your engine healthy, and your motor's cooling system takes care of this important task.

One of the main goals of cooling system parts is to keep the fluid called engine coolant at safe temperatures. A part called the thermostat plays a central role in this process.

Most thermostats are actually special heat-sensitive valves that are placed in receptacles along the coolant's path of travel. They contain special liquids that expand or contract depending on fluid temperatures. As these internal fluids move, they open and close the thermostat internal valve, thus either allowing coolant to flow to the radiator or routing it back into the engine.

Thermostats require regular replacement, but they can be hard for the layperson to find, let alone repair. The good news is, at our Riverside facility we have cooling system technicians who know exactly where to find your thermostat. To see them in action, bring your vehicle by our service center at DCH Subaru of Riverside today for a no-obligation conversation.

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