Make the Carpool Work This Year

As you think ahead to the upcoming school year, you can't help but think of driving all over town to various activities. Being part of a carpool can save you gas, time, and energy.

To make a carpool successful, consistency is key. Have parents pick set days or time periods that they'll be in charge of the driving. While parents always need to have a bit of flexibility, it's important to have a schedule that people can depend on. When kids are riding, they'll all need to buckle up. Some might need to be in booster seats, or even five-point harnesses. It's recommended that only teenagers ride up front, so even your taller elementary kids should be in the back.

To keep your drive a smooth one, you can have a technician from DCH Subaru of Riverside in Riverside, CA check things out and replace or top off your fluids.

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