Get Comfortable in an SUV

An SUV is a top pick for many people that come to DCH Subaru of Riverside in Riverside, CA. We love helping our customers decide on comfort, convenience, and safety when choosing a vehicle. SUVs are a great way to feel comfortable and safe while driving to work or taking a trip to the mountains.

An SUV tends to have more room for cargo and passengers, which is a plus for anyone who spends a lot of time commuting. New SUVs are more economical than before and get better gas mileage, which makes considering something bigger an option.

When there are tough conditions on the road, such as flooding or dirt roads, an SUV has higher clearance to battle many conditions that a car can't. You are also higher off of the ground, which allows you to see what is ahead better. An SUV tends to be a safer option for those who commute or travel because it is a bigger and stronger vehicle than most cars.

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