How to Read Tire Sizes

Tires are an important part of getting you where you’re going. The group of abbreviations on its side gives you essential information about choosing the right size to fit your vehicle’s wheel. With a little explanation, you will have the basic information you need to make a decision.

The first letter represents the type of vehicle the tire is tested for. A “P” indicates a passenger car. A three-digit number follows the letter, and that gives you the tire’s width in mm. Next, is a slash and a two-digit number. That represents the aspect ratio. A 65 means that the tire’s height is 65% of its width. Another letter follows, which indicates the type of tire. An “R,” for instance, let’s you know it’s a radial. The final two-digit number tells you that the wheel is 15” in diameter, so you need a 15” tire.

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