Time for Muffler and Exhaust System Service

If you have recently failed a car inspection and the emissions check was to blame, it's time to bring your car to DCH Subaru of Riverside for an exhaust system service. While your exhaust system is responsible for making your car quieter, it is also essential for reducing the carbon monoxide and other harmful substances coming from your vehicle.

Your exhaust system is more than just your muffler. The system goes throughout your car, starting just behind the engine. They system collects harmful exhaust fumes, cleaned by the catalytic converter, and the air is sent out to the fresh air through the muffler. Your exhaust system helps your car run faster, more efficiently, and cleaner.

If your car isn't picking up speed, even when you press on the gas, there could be an exhaust problem. If you have a funny smell in your car, you may need to have your system serviced. Call our auto service department in Riverside, CA to set up an appointment today.

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