Is Off-Roading for You?

So, like many in Riverside, you’re an experienced, skilled driver. But, the roads and highways have become tedious and/or crowded and you can’t enjoy the open space and power of your vehicle anymore. Off-roading sounds like a fun way to test your driving skill and enjoy the beauty of nature while you’re at it, right? This is true, but beginners too often make the mistake of assuming their sedan is fitted to go off road and go wild. This, like many assumptions about off-roading, can cost lives.

Your Vehicle

So, you probably know that some vehicles are suited for off-roading while others aren’t. Jeeps, SUVs, trucks and other leisure-utility vehicles are designed for this, your Hyundai is probably not. You also probably expect to need to mod your vehicle – reinforced suspension, large off-road tires, the works. This isn’t necessarily all true. Many of the aforementioned vehicles are plenty reinforced and the tires plenty suited to most reasonable terrain – try your vehicle out and see what it can already handle before going mod-crazy.

Finding Trails

So, where to go? There is a wealth of information online to find off-road parks, off-road trails and the like online. These sites will provide you with the types of trails around and help to put you in touch with experienced guide services to get you started quickly.

To learn about proper safety and to find trails near you, come visit us at DCH Subaru of Riverside.

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