DIY Headlight Restoration Using Everyday Household Items

The entire team here at DCH Subaru of Riverside wanted to share these tips for helping you save money by restoring the headlights on your vehicle with everyday common household items.

First, grab some toothpaste and place a dab on each of the headlight lenses. Next, moisten a clean cloth and rub the toothpaste gently into the lens using circular motions. Once the fog begins to clear, you'll need to use a clean cloth to remove all the excess toothpaste from the headlights.

Next, find some insect spray, the kind that contains DEET, and spray it on to a clean cloth. Don't spray on the headlight because overspray could damage the paint. Wipe the headlight until the lens begins to clear up, use another clean cloth to remove the excess bug spray.

Regardless the accessories you need for your vehicle, visit DCH Subaru of Riverside so we can order the right parts you need for any repair.

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