Easy Steps for Better Tires

Modern car washes are effective in making your vehicle look its best, but they just aren’t equipped to deep-clean your tires and wheels. If you want them to look and perform their best, then you need to use a special tire brush and wheel-safe cleaner. Both tools are inexpensive and can last many driving seasons.

The process for using these new tools is easy. After spraying your tires with water, apply the tire cleaner to all wheel and tire surfaces. Let the cleaner set in for a few minutes and then lightly scrub all surfaces with the brush. Once you have completed scrubbing, then give your tires and wheels a complete rinse. You’ll notice that they look like-new after the special cleaning, and they’ll perform better when you get back on the road.

Taking extra care of your tires will also help you notice additional maintenance needs. Give our service center at DCH Subaru of Riverside in Riverside, CA a call for special tire services, including repair, replacement, and much more!

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