Headlights and Bug Spray

If you have trouble seeing the road at night, then you might want to clean your headlights. They will become dingy over time because of all the dirt and debris on the road while you're driving in Riverside, CA. Bug spray is an easy option to consider as the products in the spray are usually designed to remove oxidation from surfaces.

Keep in mind that if you use bug spray with DEET in it, then the chemical can melt off the first layer of film on the headlight. With a little bit of water, the film can be removed, leaving behind a clean headlight.

Avoid spraying the product directly onto the headlight as it could be too strong. Spray the product on a cloth to apply it to the light. Rub the spray in a gentle motion on the light, protectant the surrounding area of your vehicle with tape or cloth. An option would be consulting with DCH Subaru of Riverside about the best spray to use as well.

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