Out of all the SUVs that can be purchased in 2019, the Subaru Forester has become a fan-favorite. This popular SUV has the right number of amenities that can handle an active lifestyle. Subaru is offering this vehicle in a variety of trim levels to help meet the public's interest.

You and your occupants will have an enormous amount of legroom while cruising the highway. The Forester also offers multiple rows of seats that can accommodate up to six people. Premium upholstery comes in leather, and the available accent stitching has been added for extra flare. The exterior of this SUV looks great with its soft curves and strong lines. Dazzling and illuminating LEDs are well-positioned on both ends of the frame. The dark body molding does a great job of contrasting the vehicle's actual exterior color.

These are just some of the benefits that consumers will receive after purchase, but you can now test drive the Subaru Forester at our dealership today.

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