Roof racks might seem like one thing on your vehicle that is a no-brainer - however, like many things in the automobile world, looks can be deceiving. Roof racks can be more complicated than a handy tool for holding cargo might seem to be!

One big tip for owning a roof rack is to always take it off of your vehicle when it's not in use. While this may seem like a pain, it'll lengthen the life of your roof rack and your fuel efficiency. Roof racks can add drag and reduce the aerodynamics of your vehicle. So if you want to save on fuel, then take that rack off after a road trip.

Another tip is to never take on a job you're not sure you can handle! Heavy items might require multiple people to be secured safely since your paint job and windows can be vulnerable to any clumsy loading techniques. If any such damage occurs, then don't hesitate to have your vehicle serviced here at DCH Subaru of Riverside.

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