A brake pedal may suffer from unexpected problems. If something seems strange with the brake pedal, bringing a car in for repairs seems advisable. Anything that compromises the brake system's performance could cause a serious hazard.

Don't dismiss the grinding or squealing sounds the brakes make when pressing down on the pedal. And does the vehicle pull a bit or a lot when stepping on the pedal? That could indicate significant troubles.

The brake pedal should also present an appropriate level of tension. A "loose" brake pedal likely indicates something's wrong. If the driver puts a foot on the pedal and the pedal goes to the floor, problems may exist with the master cylinder. Brake fluid could be leaking, too. Remember, anything compromising brake performance may lead to an accident.

A visit to DCH Subaru of Riverside could lead to solutions for brake issues. Our Riverside, CA service department works on brakes and performs other maintenance requests on vehicles.

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