Here at DCH Subaru of Riverside, we are sometimes asked by drivers in Riverside, CA to explain the working of automotive systems. Headlights serve an important purpose on your vehicle. You should know how different types of lighting and headlight placement help to illuminate the roadway when you drive.

There have been three primary types of lighting used in vehicle headlights. These are Xenon, Halogen, and LED. It is becoming more common for vehicles today to use full LED lights in headlamps and other lighting systems. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and more reliable.

Headlights are used to illuminate the roadway in front of your vehicle. They are useful in hazy or foggy conditions as well as in darkness. Headlights must be adjusted to a specific angle to provide maximum illumination. Up to 35% of vehicles currently on the road could benefit from a headlight adjustment.

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