Shopping for a new vehicle can be exciting and taking potential cars out for a test drive is fun. But we understand that hammering out the finance details and crunching numbers can be the less-than-fun part of buying a new car, and the DCH Subaru of Riverside finance team is here to help and ready to make your entire transaction easier than ever.

One of the most convenient and user-friendly ways we improve your financing transaction is with our online trade-in calculator. If you have an older vehicle lying around and you plan to trade it in and use its value towards the purchase of your new model, this no-obligation, online tool can help.

Just tell us a little more about your existing set of wheels, including its make, model, trim level, and condition, and we'll give you an estimate for how much you can expect for it on trade.

Knowing your numbers ahead of time can help you budget and shop more efficiently and help you secure the new vehicle you've been dreaming about sooner.

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